McDonald’s Brand ReInvention – Ronald’s Trying Hard

Burger Swag

You either have it or you don’t… A real life example of brand reinvention is the NBC’s Tonight Show. If you compare the vibe of  Tonight Show with Jay Leno versus Jimmy Fallon you can see an effective reinvention of the Tonight Show brand. As with Fallon/Leno – You either have it or you don’t. Is McDonald’s brand reinvention working?

McDonald’s doesn’t have it right now. I find it entertaining watching them find it. Some of the most recent moves to attempt to right the ship.

McDonald’s Brand Reinvention

These things are all just rolling out recently… With the decline of sales and a continued pressure on the the obesity epidemic – I think they may be hurting. Since we’re among friends here, I’ll let you know that I would not mind owning a burger shirt. I’m not saying I would actually wear it. I’m just saying I’d own it.

If you look at their share price, it’s only approximately 3% off it’s 52 week high (as of March 30th closing price). Take a look at their stock chart. The price continues to move upward as their sales decline.

MCD Chart

So what you do you think? Will these things impact their sales over time? Can they appeal to a younger generation?



Full disclosure: I have no direct position in MCD. Maybe some exposure through mutual funds/ETFs.



McDonald’s now raising pay across the board by 10%. WSJ article details out the transition.

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