Tesla Stock Innovation – Do you even maths, bro?

Tesla Stock Innovation – Do you even maths, bro?

Tesla stock innovation – do you even maths bro? 

Tesla stock innovation is what is driving it’s growth? You think GM and Ford are outdated and not innovative? Would you say the same thing of Toyota? Toyota is the largest global auto manufacture. The fight is one with Nissan for top spot. Toyota was the first manufacture to introduce hybrid technology in a vehicle on a mass scale with the ugly ass designed Prius. Sorry Prius drivers.

Toyota debuted the Prius in 1997. Toyota continued across to the  global market in 2000. Now United States accounts for approximately half of the Prius sales.

I wrote recently about the insanity of the market capitalization of Tesla compared to General Motors and Ford. You’ve made your case – Tesla stock innovation is key. I started thinking more about the auto industry as a whole – about Tesla’s marketshare.

When I drive around my local suburbs, I do see plenty of Tesla’s on the road. Living in a more affluent area is an easy explanation for the volume of Tesla’s in my neighborhood. I see more Toyota, BMW, VWs and Honda vehicles around.

I started to do a bit of digging. Let’s look at the global revenue (and marketshare) of the leading auto manufactures here:


I mentioned this in my last post about Tesla – it’s important to consider the fundamentals of the investment as well as the future opportunities. The market capitalization, revenue and net income/loss comparison between the top revenue producers compared with Tesla:

Tesla has a hard time keeping pace with the United States auto manufactures marketshare. Stretching out the comparison on the global auto manufacturing market does not improve the case for Tesla. Listen – this is not an indictment of Tesla shareholders or even fanboys… Take your digital arms up with someone else. Consider this as some perspective around this growth company operating as an auto manufacture – context amongst it’s listed competitors.


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